Preparedness Pedagogies

Conference presentations and publications

Conference presentations

Preston,J. (2009) The end of whiteness as we know it : the survivalist
movement and the genetic imperatives of homeland security (White spaces
conference, Leeds, 8-9 July).

Chakrabarty,N, (2010) Theatre of survival: preparedness participation and
white supremacy, (NYU forum on citizenship and applied theatre, 23 – 25

Chakrabarty,N. (2010) The Uncanny: cultural performance of absence, (Theatre
Applications conference, London, 21 – 23 April)

Chakrabarty,N. (2010) A tale of two cities : trusting the Obamas, and
mistrusting community : race since the G20 (DPR conference, London,  31 March
- 1 April)

Preston,J. (2010) Thanking the unthinkable : afrofuturism and the false
promises of peace education (Critical Race Theory in the UK conference,
London, 25 – 26 June)

Preston,J. (2010) Dr. Strangelove I presume? : Racism and intentionality in
advising the general public for emergency preparedness (BSA conference,
Glasgow, 7 – 9 April)

Journal articles and book chapters

Preston, J. (2009) Preparing for Emergencies: citizenship education,
whiteness and pedagogies of security, Citizenship Studies, 13, 2, 187 – 200

Preston,J. (2009) White Apocalypse: Preparedness Pedagogies as Symbolic and
Material Invocations of White Supremacy. In Jennifer A Sandlin, Brian D
Schultz and Jake Burdick (eds.) Handbook of Public Pedagogy, London:

Preston,J. (2010) Prosthetic white hyper-masculinities and ‘disaster
education, Ethnicities, 10, 3, 1-13

Chakrabarty,N. (2011, forthcoming) ‘Buried Alive: Cultural Absence In Civil
Defence Preparedness’, Race, Ethnicity and Education.  (Accepted for a
special edition on citizenship education)